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About Dasi

I work with individuals and families, primarily with young adults and couples.  I create a comfortable, warm atmosphere conducive to exploring issues relating to family dynamics, trauma and intimacy.  I help my clients gain insight into their current relationships using the lens of previous attachments. There are many paths for self-reflection. Thus, I employ tools from many disciplines into my therapy such as Attachment-Based Therapy, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Mindfulness, Imago and others. I often include various expressive arts tools for those who connect to art/drama.  


We are each the experts of our own lives and as such I encourage my clients to actively participate in the therapy and communicate what is helpful to them.  I believe that each individual has the ability to access their inner resources and move forward on a path of healing— and I feel privileged to be part of that journey!

In addition to my private practice, I have worked for several organizations over the years. I have thus gained diverse experience treating a wide range of issues and working with clients from many different backgrounds and walks of life.

Dasi Lefkowitz frum therapist Jerusalem


  • Attachment throughout the life cycle

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Post-partum adjustment

  • Trauma, abuse

  • Marital counseling: communication, sexual issues

  • Life transitions 

  • Preparation for marriage

  • Familiarity with addictions, eating disorders, self-harming behaviors, personality disorders




Touro College

 BA in Psychology  - 2001

New York University

 Master's in Social Work - 2003




Average cost per session
375 NIS
Reduced fee for bi-weekly sessions 


Additional Credentials

The Family Institute
Counseling and

Family Therapy 2008

The Family Institute

Child Therapy 2008

Machon Netivot/Machon Puah

Post-Masters Training in Sex Therapy 2015

ייעוץ בקדושה לחיי אישות

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Work Experience

Here is some of what I’ve done over the years…

Social Worker at Ohel Children’s Home in Brooklyn, NY

My first entry into the field of mental health gave me a sampling of nearly everything that is out there. I worked as a social worker in the foster care department and gained first-hand knowledge of trauma and attachment disruptions in all stages of development.  I was exposed to challenges related to mental illness, abuse and addiction, but more importantly to the power of resilience, and the ability of individuals to rise above their circumstances. I saw how the combination of therapeutic intervention and a supportive community also paved the way for healing.  


The Family Institute, Jerusalem

When I moved to Israel in 2005, I continued my training at the Family Institute.  There, I had the opportunity to work with many individuals and families at all stages of life, dealing with a variety of issues. I specialized in working with children at Pinat HaYeled, under the supervision of Roni

Loeb-Richter. There, I gained more theoretical and practical knowledge of play therapy and attachment.  Their approach was to treat the children within their significant relationships and build their lifelong connections outside of the therapy room.  


Mechanechet, Darchei Binah

After completing my training, and before moving on to other endeavors, I had the opportunity to work as a mechanechet in Darchei Bina seminary for a year.  It was enlightening and gratifying to work with girls in their natural environment and get a closer glimpse of the seminary experience.

Private Practice

In 2008, I began developing my private practice. I initially worked primarily with children, treating families touched by trauma, divorce and mental illness. I have offered counseling and support to a variety of clients over the years, but today the focus of my practice is working with young adults and couples.


Nitza, The Jerusalem Center for Post-Partum Depression

Since 2009, I have been running groups for women with post-partum depression focusing on processing prior trauma and strengthening their attachment with their babies. The groups take place one morning a week with time set aside for a nourishing breakfast and guided play for the moms with their babies.  We then split into groups with me facilitating a support group for the mothers and other staff members working therapeutically with the babies.  


Merkaz Yedidim

As the social worker at Yedidim, I was responsible for overseeing the mentors in the program.  The mentors would meet with youth at risk twice a week and would attend individual and group supervision in order to gain more clinical skills in working with their mentees.  


Long Island University

I supervised social work students who were completing their internships in Israel.  The supervisory experience is fascinating in that it highlights for me how good therapy combines theoretical knowledge and utilization of one’s personal orientation and style.  


Midreshet Naomi

Midreshet Naomi is a post-seminary program for girls remaining in Israel.  As the social worker there, I was available to both support the girls within the dorm and help them access additional therapeutic services, if necessary. I believe that this stage of life provides a unique opportunity for reflecting on one’s past with an eye towards creating a more meaningful and productive future.  

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